These examples will help you get started with the Legistar Web API. To use the URLs below, replace {Client} with your client name. Some clients require use of an API Token.

To see all agenda matters, the endpoint is:


Note that queries replies are limited to 1000 responses. Even with this limit, some calls may return a large amount of data. To make this query more performant by limiting reults to a smaller set of items or to obtain more items via a second query, use ODATA parameters to page the output like this:


ODATA can also use filters to find more specific data. For instance, this query will return only events during the month of September, 2014:


The basics of the ODATA URL setup are here: https://www.odata.org/documentation/odata-version-3-0/url-conventions/

The ODATA documentation does not cover all features, including the convenience method datetime’2014-09-01’ shown above.

To see actions taken on a Matter (like a vote), look at the Matter Histories endpoint. Filtering these items by MatterHistoryActionBodyName can help to limit the found actions to just those votes performed by a certain group, for instance just to votes made by the Common Council on a matter 1234:


To then see the vote tally, use the returned Id (5678 in this example) with the EventItems Votes endpoint:


There are many other items and relationships in the API. If you have a specific use case, we’d be happy to help you find the appropriate calls.



Some clients require use of API tokens for access. If the read-only operations above give an unauthorized response, please refer to that client for their token policy.

If you have a token, it can be provided as a URL parameter to the https endpoint of this API.

For example: